Align your marketing and sales with our comprehensive database management services tailored to your specific needs.

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Get a Grip on your Marketing Data

If your data is scattered around your organization, fear not. DataBanque will track it down. Clean it. And make sure it’s relevant. Give us your sticky notes, business cards, Excel spreadsheets, and Outlook downloads.

We’ll design, build, clean and maintain the best marketing and sales database your company has ever seen. The success of every marketing program is rooted in the quality of database.

Fully Aligned Sales and Marketing Efforts

  • Our team will work with your marketing team to determine what marketing efforts are necessary to obtain sales ready leads.
  • We will then work with your sales and marketing teams to create process to nurture leads until they are sales ready.
  • DataBanque also works with the sales team as they report the results of this sales nurturing process of leads so that we can determine return on marketing investment and what marketing efforts are leading to sales and which are not.

Comprehensive Analytics

  • Collect


    We track the way your customers and prospects respond online and offline to your marketing and sales initiatives.

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  • Analyze


    We meticulously tend, refine, and analyze your marketing and sales data to make sure your marketing dollars are working their hardest.

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  • Report


    Armed with more info than ever, Databanque allows you to make analytical, data-driven marketing decisions.

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Understand the critical path from inquirer to customer

With DataBanque’s comprehensive analytics services, your sales and marketing teams will be armed with the knowledge to efficiently market and nurture leads into sales.

Opportunity Management

What is Opportunity Management?

DataBanque tracks all inquiries coming into your organization from your website, advertising, trade shows, training, open house events, and PR. Using your database as the foundation, we manage all of your inbound inquiries and update customer and prospect profiles, or add new ones. We’ll tell you which of your marketing activities are generating the most reaction and how your prospects and customers are responding. For those prospects that need more time to mature, we have an automated, systematic way to cultivate them until they’re ready. With timely lead distribution and closed-loop lead tracking, we keep sales buzzing right along.

Inquiry & Lead Management

  • DataBanque qualifies every inquirer to see if they are sales-ready.
  • If the prospect isn’t quite ready to make a buying decision, we’ll nurture them until they deserve direct sales attention.
  • The appropriate territory manager will get the qualified lead either through your CRM tool or ours, along with any database history we have on that prospect.
  • Not just that, but we’ll work with sales to track that lead through the sales cycle until it’s either won or lost.

The Lead Management Process

Building upon the customer and prospect in-house lists, DataBanque will work with the sales organization, list providers, publications, etc. to build a comprehensive database that will supply leads to the reps via a CRM tool, if one exists, or using DataBanque proprietary lead distribution app. Next, using the rules defined by Sales, DataBanque qualifies each inbound lead from the website, trade shows, advertising, PR, commercial lead sources and direct marketing campaigns.

Marketing Operations

What is Marketing Operations?

DataBanque provides a connected marketing data cloud integrated with platforms of your choice such as HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, SalesForce, etc. for complete alignment of your marketing and sales organizations and exponential return on your marketing investment.

DataBanque’s technology team can serve up fully-automated emarketing campaigns to generate new business and nurture existing prospects. We can set them up, incorporate them into a multi-channel lead management process and take care of the whole program for you. No matter what platform you prefer!

Digital Marketing Management

  • We engage and nurture customers and prospects in the sales process through automated, trigger-driven campaigns.
  • Guarantee your emarketing programs keep your products and services at the forefront of your customers’ and prospects’ attention.
  • Content is dynamically driven so highly targeted messaging’s a snap. We deliver precisely the right message at the right time to the right person.
  • Retain more customers and foster new prospects with social media contact tracking as well.

Promotional Programs

We process promotion entries, validate them and send out the rebates, gift cards, or merchandise. We also handle training rosters and issue certificates of completion. All the while, populating your database with more and more information about participating customers and prospects.

Turn Your Leads into Sales.

Increase return on investment and improve your company’s marketing and lead management processes.

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