Comprehensive Analytics

DataBanque provides comprehensive reporting and analytics services to help your organization realize the true potential of your marketing programs and leads. Our third-party marketing operations and sales support program can track every dollar to the marketing campaign that generated it. We’ll analyze which marketing programs garnered the most response and which generated the greatest ROI. By tracking the way your customers and prospects respond online and offline to your marketing and sales initiatives, you know the return on all your marketing spend. We meticulously tend, refine, and analyze your marketing and sales data to make sure your marketing dollars are working their hardest. And you, armed with more info than ever, will make analytical, data-driven marketing decisions – making for the sweetest conversation you’ve ever had with your CFO at budgeting time.

We also take the next logical step and analyze the database to understand the critical path from inquirer to customer. You can finally answer questions like: How did this type of inquirer become a customer? Are there other inquirers we can engage in the same marketing & sales process? How can we reduce the length of the sales cycle? These answers will provide your marketing team with essential information to which they can base their marketing efforts off of and your sales team will in turn receive highly qualified and sales ready leads. With DataBanque’s comprehensive analytics services, your sales and marketing teams will be armed with the knowledge to efficiently market and nurture leads into sales.