9 Steps to Sales and Marketing Alignment for manufacturers

Susan Allen

Too often when I ask marketers for manufacturing enterprises what happens with the leads they’re generating, the answer is “we send them to the sales rep.”  That’s great as along as the sales rep.’s A) agree that what they’re getting are truly “leads” and B) that they’re actually following up on them and reporting back with their results.


In most cases, Marketing and Sales have not reached an agreement as to when the handoff should happen.  Nor have they come to terms on closing the loop on the process. Where, I ask, is their lead management process?

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Marketing can foster greater acceptance of leads from Sales by funneling all prospects through 9 distinct lead management stages.

  1. Initial inquiry
  2. Initial qualification
  3. Lead nurturing
  4. Marketing qualified lead (MQL)
  5. MQL distribution to sales
  6. Sales-accepted lead (SAL)
  7. Sales-qualified lead (SQL)
  8. Opportunity/Bid
  9. Win/Loss

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