Lead management and ROI

Susan Allen

When it comes to laying the groundwork for implementing an effective lead management program, we need to rid ourselves of a common math problem – Quality vs Quantity?

Often as marketing professionals, we are convinced that quantity is the name of the game.  Those 750 card swipes mean it was a great trade show, but a show that yielded only 250 swipes was a bad one. 150 BRC’s received from a trade journal ad is the measure of the success of our advertising campaign.

With the dawn of Social Media has come a host of additional numbers to track.   Impressions, Click-Through’s, Followers, Profile views, Mentions, etc.

The entire framework within which we evaluate the performance of our marketing tactics must be shifted to evaluate quality, not quantity. When evaluating tradeshow performance, for example, we must think about ROI – what if the show with 250 swipes generated $250,000 in new revenue, but the “great show” produced only a few small orders?

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