A Lead Management Process Needs a Cultural Shift

Susan Allen

Throughout this current series of blog posts, we have examined the lead management process from start to finish.   Obviously the implementation of such a comprehensive process is no small feat and requires laying some groundwork upfront.

First and foremost, there must be a commitment from the executive leadership.  It will take the blessing of the heads of both the Sales and Marketing organizations to effect the necessary cultural changes.

Lead management

Part of the change in culture will require establishing a common vocabulary.  Perhaps the most challenging is to make the proper distinction between “Inquiries” and “Leads.”  We have been trained as marketing and sales professionals to refer to visitors to our booths and our websites as “leads.”  This term has been drummed into our heads by people selling booth space and web design services. 

The reality, however, is something quite different.  The people who click on your site or who come by your booth at a show may, in fact, at some point become leads, but the moment they swipe their card they are simply an “inquirer” or a “visitor”.  Only after being filtered through the various stages of the lead management process will inquirers be separated into leads and non-leads.  We examined this in Steps Two through Seven of the lead management process, in particular.

In addition to agreeing on the terms we use, we must agree on the importance of quality versus quantity when it comes to determining the success of our marketing activities.  We’ll take a look at this in our next post.

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