Align your marketing and sales efforts with DataBanque’s comprehensive database management services tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Get a grip on your marketing data. If your data is scattered around your organization, fear not. DataBanque will track it down. Clean it. And make sure it’s relevant. Give us your sticky notes, business cards, Excel spreadsheets, and Outlook downloads. We’ll design, build, clean and maintain the best marketing and sales database your company has ever seen. The success of every marketing program is rooted in the quality of database.

Our team will work with your marketing team to determine what marketing efforts are necessary to obtain sales ready leads. We will then work with your sales and marketing teams to create process to nurture leads until they are sales ready. DataBanque also works with the sales team as they report the results of this sales nurturing process of leads so that we can determine return on marketing investment and what marketing efforts are leading to sales and which are not. DataBanque will create fully aligned sales and marketing efforts that will increase return on investment and improve your company’s marketing and lead management processes.